Sky domes and sky lights POSplastika are meant for illumination of rooms and halls with day light from roof.


  • sky domes with CE mark according SIST EN 1873,
  • day light in the room,
  • ventilation without any costs,
  • from acryl and polycarbonate material,
  • colours: clear, opal and IRR,
  • one layer, two layers or three layers,
  • more than 60 different dimensions,
  • round, square and rectangular shapes,
  • options are custom made sky domes and also pyramid shape,
  • several options of openings.





Sky domes from IRR (heat stop) acrylic sheets.


  • low heat transmission,
  • energy efficiency, reducing costs.





Opening systems:

  • manual,
  • electric or pneumatic opening,
  • active fire protection (natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators in case of fire – control system in accordance with EN 12101-2:2003)




  • alu frame,
  • pvc frame,




Sky domes and sky lights are usually mounted on following crowns (stand-up or sky dome base):


  • polyester or metal crowns,
  • round or rectangular shapes,
  • custom made crowns can be made from wood, PVC or cement.




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