Traffic Mirrors

Traffic safety mirrors – for better safety in badly visible driveways, road curves and intersections.

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Mirrors for interior monitoring

Suitable for shops, cash registers and other public places where you need an overview of the area.

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Industrial Mirrors

Mirrors for engines and machines allowing a panoramic view at angle of 180°.

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Fasterners and Attachment Material


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Panoramic mirrors

Mirrors for engines and machines allowing a panoramic view at angle of 180°.



  •  quality mirror surface,
  • easy installation.


Panoramic mirrors for engines Dimension (mm)
Mirror Ø 240 mm Ø 240 
Mirror Ø 280 mm Ø 280



 Industrial mirrors are suitable for warehouses and industrial halls.


  • mounting on ceiling, to the wall or in the corner,
  • low weight,
  • 360°,180°, 90° mirrors.


Check-mirror , acryl glass,

for mounting on the ceiling





Recommended distance till observer (m)
K 360° fi 50 AC Ø500 2,5 3-5
K 360° fi 60 AC Ø600 3 5-7
K 360° fi 80 AC Ø800 3,5 7-15
K 180° fi 60 AC 600X300,V=200 1,5 5-7
K 180° fi 80 AC 800X400, V=300 2 7-10
K  90° fi 60 AC 300X300, V=200 0,75 3-4
K  90° fi 80 AC 400X400, V=300 1 4-6





 Inspection Mirror POSplastika

Ideal review, check up in places which are difficult to reach ( car chassis, production lines, ...)

convex mirror made of acrylic glass Ø 200 mm,
a telescopic stick adjustable
from 1000 to 2000 mm,
Mirror is very convenient, foldable,
Low weight.




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