Company Pos plastika d.o.o. has started its journey in 1968. Innovations in production and a great strategy brought, after a thorough organizational rebirth in 1992, the company to the modern, high-tech and competitive level.

Production program of Pos plastika can offer four different branches of its production:
- convex and concave mirrors made of acrylic glass or polycarbonate, which show superior impact resistance and resistant to weather conditions,
- sky-lights, sky-domes with CE mark according to SIST EN 1873 and acquired certificate of fire protection according to EN 12101-2:2003,
- promotional, advertising stands, POS stands from acrylic glass,
- Pos plastika is one of the leading companies for vacuum metallization of metal onto plastic, which is mainly used in the automotive industry (parables for lights), cosmetic and furniture industry.
Pos plastika has also laser cutter for the processing of acrylic sheets. One of the latest innovations in the company includes dewless stainless steel safety mirrors for which we have required certificate.




Company Pos plastika d.o.o. satisfies its customers with high-quality, advanced products made from acrylic and polycarbonate. By continuous monitoring and implementing developments and new insights wants to transfer its activities to other areas related to the transparent panel.

Achieve growth and development of the society by satisfying consumer needs and interests of the owners, employees, the environment and business partners.



Company Pos plastika d.o.o. will become the most recognizable, successful marketing and customer-oriented provider of products from polycarbonate and acrylic sheets and carrier of technical-technological development in the field of sky-lights and sky-domes.




  • Innovation.
  • Flexibility.
  • Preference for challenges.
  • Teamwork.
  • Professionalism.



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